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About us

Our Story

EL SHADDAI LEATHER is proud to provide a line of high-quality genuine leather products utilizing local materials and skilled craftsmanship. All our products are meticulously handcrafted with pride.
Our collection grows as we continuously discover new ideas. We also place a high value on customer satisfaction and aim to provide outstanding customer service that will give us a competitive advantage.

Features section:

Exclusive Designers

We partner with talented designers who craft unique designs using locally sourced leathers, so you know you're wearing something special.

Handmade Quality Guaranteed

Each piece is handmade in South Africa by skilled craftsmen, so you can be sure it's made to last.

Fair Trade Goods Worldwide

We ship anywhere in the world, so explore our collection of handbags, wallets, shoes and other leather products today!

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Shopping With Purpose

We believe that buying should be an experience. We've curated a selection of ethically-produced, sustainable products that are all designed to last.