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Non profit organization

Good day beautiful people I have made contact with a lovely lady by the name of Karin Harmse from ARMS OF MERCY. ARMS OF MERCY is a registered NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION. that was founded in 2017. They raise money by helping with the medical expenses of children, diagnosed with cancer, rare diseases and special needs. These angels also make and sell bracelets and various other… Read More »Non profit organization

New products

Good day beautiful people We have added seven new products to our collection. Now you have a wider choice to choose from. These products are also made from the best quality genuine leather and also available in nine colors, just like our first collection. The second collection consist of small, medium and large handbags. We also have a money purse for woman and a wallet… Read More »New products

The Next Step

Good day beautiful people We are so excited to announce that we have made a decision to support the following: Abused woman and children Kids diagnosed with cancer SPCA We are in the process of contacting various organization that deals with the above cases. With every bag sold, a certain percentage of the proceeds, will go towards helping these people and animals. I will keep… Read More »The Next Step

2020 Most Challenging Year

2020  has  been  the  most  challenging  year  in  decades.  I,  as  owner  of EL  SHADDAI  LEATHER  am  so  great full  to  be  able  to  launch  my  business  that  has  been  a  dream  for  a  very  long  time.  In  the  times  we  are  in,  it  was  not  easy,  but  by  the  grace  of  God,  I  was  able  to  persevere. EL SHADDAI  LEATHER  starts  off  with  12 … Read More »2020 Most Challenging Year