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Non profit organization

Good day beautiful people

I have made contact with a lovely lady by the name of Karin Harmse from ARMS OF MERCY.

ARMS OF MERCY is a registered NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION. that was founded in 2017.

They raise money by helping with the medical expenses of children, diagnosed with cancer, rare diseases and special needs.

These angels also make and sell bracelets and various other fashion accessories to help fund the medical expenses of these sick kids.

I have placed an order for bracelets. I will send a bracelet with every handbag sold, to my customers.

That way I will not only making people aware of ARMS OF MERCY, but I will also fulfill a dream I had since 2006.

In 2006, my late mom was in hospital. To get to the ward, she was in, I had to pass the children’s cancer ward.

Ill never forget how those small kids would play and drive those small plastic toddler bikes, up and down the passage, laughing,

as if there was nothing wrong with them at all. I would stand and watch them in amazement, with tears running down my face.

I promised myself that I would one day, get involved and and help them in which ever way I could.

Its a wonderful feeling to know that part of that dream is fulfilled. There is more to this dream and I know in my heart it

will also be fulfilled, with time, as my business grows.

May you all have a blessed day.


Leani Joubert